A Treatise on the Western Hemisphere Caraboidea (Coleoptera). Their classification, distributions, and ways of life.

Publication Type:Book
Year of Publication:2007
Authors:Erwin, TL
Volume:Volumne I (Trachypachidae, Carabidae- Nebriiformes 1)
Publisher:PENSOFT Publishers
City:Sofia 1111, Bulgaria
ISBN Number:987-954-642-298-9
Taxonomic name: 
Callisthenes (Callistenia) dawsoni Dajoz 1997 (Taxonomy), Callisthenes (Callistenia) dietzi (Schaeffer 1904) (Taxonomy), Callisthenes (Callistenia) discors (LeConte 1857) (Taxonomy), Callisthenes (Callistenia) lariversi (Van Dyke 1943) (Taxonomy), Callisthenes (Callistenia) latipennis (G. Horn 1870) (Taxonomy), Callisthenes (Callistenia) luxatus (Say 1823) (Taxonomy), Callisthenes (Callistenia) moniliatus LeConte 1852 (Taxonomy), Callisthenes (Callistenia) monticola (Casey 1897) (Taxonomy), Callisthenes (Callistenia) oregonus Gidaspow 1959 (Taxonomy), Callisthenes (Callistenia) placerus Gidaspow 1959 (Taxonomy), Callisthenes (Callistenia) schaefferi (Breuning 1928) (Taxonomy), Callisthenes (Callistenia) subaeneus (Chaudoir 1869) (Taxonomy), Callisthenes (Callistenia) subasperatus (Schaeffer 1915) (Taxonomy), Callisthenes (Callistenia) wilkesii LeConte 1852 (Taxonomy), Callisthenes (Chrysostigma) affinis (Chaudoir 1843) (Taxonomy), Callisthenes (Chrysostigma) ampliator (Bates 1891) (Taxonomy), Callisthenes (Chrysostigma) calidus (Fabricius 1775) (Taxonomy), Callisthenes (Chrysostigma) cancellatus (Eschscholtz 1833) (Taxonomy), Callisthenes (Chrysostigma) lepidus (LeConte 1845) (Taxonomy), Callisthenes (Chrysostigma) morrisonii (G. Horn 1885) (Taxonomy), Callisthenes (Chrysostigma) obsoletus (Say 1823) (Taxonomy), Callisthenes (Chrysostigma) semilaevis (LeConte 1852) (Taxonomy), Callisthenes (Chrysostigma) simplex (LeConte 1878) (Taxonomy), Callisthenes (Chrysostigma) tepidus (LeConte 1852) (Taxonomy)
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